3 Benefits of Waterfront Living in the Golden Horseshoe

By: Soni Chachad

3 Benefits of Waterfront Living in the Golden Horseshoe

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The housing market is a big topic on everyone’s minds these days, especially for those wanting to buy, sell, or re-locate throughout Ontario. With several big cities, including Toronto, expected to see average residential prices increase by up to 10% in 2022, many people are looking to other locations along the waterfront throughout the Golden Horseshoe to settle in for their next chapter. Therefore, these smaller, secondary cities have become ideal locations for those hoping to escape the rising cost of inflation and the hustle and bustle of the big city and replace it with more mindful living practices and less expensive housing without compromising on things like mobility and connectivity. Plus, studies show that this trend of waterfront living directly links to increased mental and physical health, making the move not only good for your wallet but for you as well. So today, let’s dive deeper into 3 benefits of waterfront living in the Golden Horseshoe and why it’s the perfect time to make your move. 


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1. Advantageous Investment Opportunities 

For starters, places like Grimsby, Lincoln, and St. Catharines and even cities like Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, Port Colborne, and Wainfleet all possess advantageous investment opportunities. This is because not all homes within the region can be on or near the waterfront, meaning that waterfront housing generally retains its value and provides for excellent future resale value. Plus, these less dense cities and neighbourhoods offer buyers the prospect of greater affordability, along with livability factors such as more space, making them even more sought after. For example, the Niagara area is experiencing tremendous growth, but it still hasn’t seen massive price increases, making it the perfect time to jump now and then enjoy the percentage growth over the coming years. 

Unfortunately, some people are being priced out of homeownership, even at these current prices, meaning we’re beginning to see high rental demands in areas like Niagara Falls. Therefore, these waterfront locations are brimming with opportunities for investors who have grown tired of buying properties that long ago stopped carrying. Since the region is replete with bungalows, a common strategy that investors utilize is to convert these homes into two rent-friendly units so that not only is the mortgage paid each month, but there is additional cash flow from the deal as well. Although this takes some homes off the market for buyers looking to secure a waterfront house, it also provides further housing options for those looking to rent while stimulating the local economy thanks to hiring out contractors, builders, and landscapers to complete the projects. 


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2. Plans for Increased Mobility and Connectivity 

When thinking about moving to one of these waterfront locations, a common objection is that they are relatively far from the active city centers. This was somewhat less of an issue for people for the last few years throughout COVID-19, when everyone was forced to work from home, and almost all extra-curricular activities were postponed or cancelled. However, with things opening back up and many employers looking to shift back to the office full-time, those who moved out of the city or are considering the move need to be able to get to these major cities efficiently. Not to mention, there are many other reasons that ease of access to major city centers is important, and this is where the provincial transportation plan entitled “Vision for Mobility” comes in. 

Ontario’s provincial government has rolled out a new transportation plan addressing gridlock issues and infrastructure, meaning that these neighbourhoods, previously separated from main arteries of transport, will now start to be connected by things like the Go Train. Since mobility and connectivity are the driving forces of any thriving community, this push for more accessible transit and transportation should also trigger a boom in housing development in the coming years. Wherever you go in the Golden Horseshoe, new people are arriving every day who are looking for places to live and work, and the Golden Horseshoe region is expected to grow substantially by 2051 at a projected rate of one million people every five years. That’s why now is the perfect time to invest in waterfront living in places along the Golden Horseshoe before these modes of connectivity are finished and drive prices even higher, potentially edging prospective buyers out of the market. 


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3. Enhanced Quality of Life  

Other than the Golden Horseshoe region having an advantageous investment market or that these communities will become more interconnected for your convenience, waterfront living enhances your quality of life in general. For example, the Golden Horseshoe region contains many significant ecological and hydrologic natural environments and scenic landscapes, making it ideal for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and reconnect with nature. Having the opportunity to enjoy nature helps us appreciate our surrounding environment more and assists with de-stressing and getting active. Plus, studies have shown that there are a variety of other health benefits from waterfront living, ranging from happiness to creativity to a person’s overall well-being. In other words, waterfront living directly contributes to a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically, thanks to the incredible views you get to enjoy from your living room and all the opportunities to explore nature right outside your front door. 

Beyond this, the Golden Horseshoe is the single-most vibrant economy and cultural center in the entire country, meaning that there are limitless leisure options to enjoy depending on your preferences. Living on or near the water, you can try out a new water activity like stand-up paddle boarding or canoeing or keep it simple by going on long nature walks or runs. Many people hoping to get into waterfront living are after the slower-paced lifestyle that allows you to take some time to breathe and just be present in an ever-frenzied world. Waterfront living is so attractive because it lets you reconnect with yourself and your inner child, try out fresh hobbies, find new passions, and ultimately, experience your life from a whole new perspective. 


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Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to living on the waterfront along Ontario’s beautiful Golden Horseshoe region. Your decision might be wavered by the upward trending housing market, meaning you want to jump on the move sooner rather than later. Or maybe you’re an investor looking for their next big rental opportunity. Either way, although the markets are trending upwards overall, it’s still an excellent time to buy in these less dense city areas – but not for long. With populations expected to expand rapidly and transit and transportation plans underway to increase mobility and connectivity, it’s anticipated that these areas will see significant growth within the next five to ten years. However, the direct physical and mental benefits you’ll experience by living on the waterfront cannot be dismissed. Especially coming off the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are hoping to re-focus on themselves and their health, and one way to easily do this is through where they choose to live. Ultimately, the waterfront cities throughout the Golden Horseshoe are expected to see rapid levels of development in the next decade or so, thanks to their proximity to bodies of water and the significant benefits that people get to enjoy with waterfront living. 

If you’re interested in learning more about waterfront living and the specific opportunities available in the Golden Horseshoe right now, be sure to check out my featured listings and do not hesitate to reach out to me directly!