The Perfect Storm

By: Soni Chachad

The Perfect Storm

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“Shortage of Inventory – The Perfect Storm”
There is an incredible imbalance of buyers and sellers. A huge shortage of homes for sale in your area.  There is the pent-up demand from Buyers who were taken out of the market due to mortgage rule changes in 2018.  Many are coming back into the market now.  Buyers from the GTA are moving primarily due to affordability.  The fact that there are more commuting options now and even more in the near future, it has created the “Perfect Storm”.

How Do I Prepare my Home for Sale?
Return on your investment is the primary object.  Home improvements will allow you to do that.  It is very important to get your Real Estate professional's opinion on what to do and not do before spending the money.  Simple things such as just painting that one wall that needs it and creating an accent wall and adding new hardware on those cupboards instead of new doors adds value.  A new kitchen is great, but you are unlikely to get 100% of the value back.  Spending $ 20,000 to get $ 15,000 doesn't make sense unless you are in a Buyer's market and you need to also increase the saleability of your home.
I will be happy to look at your home and give you my professional advice. I have built many contactor relations and pass on the savings to my clients.
Call me at 647.220.2301 or email and I will send you my “Listing Guide”and show you how I market all my listings.

Pitfalls of UNDERPRICING your Property
The market is HOT!!!
There is a strategy of underpricing properties to create an even more frantic bidding war.  In my opinion, do not underprice your property to create a crazy bidding war.  Price it right, with a good chance of still creating that bidding war.  What is acceptable, an offer with a Financing condition or one without? Call or text me at 647.220.2301 or email to find out what would work for you best.

Why Sell With Me?
  • Experienced negotiator
  • Full-time administrative staff
  • Comprehensive staging
  • Available 24/7
  • Professional print material
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  • Professional Photography
  • Public Open Houses
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  • Exposure on multiple Real Estate Boards
  • Sign Installation
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