Why do people not use a Realtor

By: Soni Chachad

Why do people not use a Realtor

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If you are transferring ownership to a child, family member or friend where the price of the sale is predetermined you can hire an attorney to draft the sale for the two parties. You most certainly do not need a Realtor for this.

Home sale likely this is the largest transaction most people will every make in their life, and the stakes are extremely high. Talking to an agent before you start the selling process ensures you don't spend time or money on stuff that's not important, and a good Realtor can be objective about improvements, pricing and bringing in the right and qualified offers.
Professional real estate agents have their go-to photographers who will feature a property in its very best light, with the best lenses, from the best angles-and the exposure received from virtual tours, property websites, social media marketing, multiple listing services, and agent networking, is priceless.

Agents will also steer their clients from red flags, that homeowners would not know to look out for on their own. Using a local, experienced agent to sell your home just makes sense - you will typically get more for your house, better peace of mind and an advocate at a time when you need one the most.

A Realtor will prepare a market analysis before listing, and combined with local knowledge of the area, and the current market, help the seller find the sweet spot. Pricing a home for sale is both an art and a science.

So why does a seller leave money on the table you ask?
There are several reasons why people choose to try and sell their home without a realtor, certainly the most common is that they are trying to save money by not paying a commission to a Realtor.

However, the money the seller saves will not equate to a‘market’sale price and might cost them. If the seller does it themselves, they will not have the same reach to the buyer community through the multiple listing service, access to professional photography that specializes in residential property photos, and potential contract liability. The liability of property disclosures and reports that someone who is not used to reviewing might get overlooked and could ruin the sale.

Realtors might make selling a home look easy, selling a home is most definitely a full-time job and that is why you don't see very many successful part time agents. A Realtor is trying to keep the transaction moving once an individual gets into contract by knowing the lenders and appraisers, having access to comparable sales to meet the time commitments that are in the contract. These are all essential to the final sale of the home.

Sellers forget that they are still going to have to pay another agent on the‘buy' side and the ultimate sales price might be comparable to a price the market would bear had you hired a realtor and received the proper exposure.

Now more than ever having a trusted expert truly helps to navigate these challenging times.